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Sukkot 2017

Pesach 2016 Graphic

This year the celebration of Tabernacles (Sukkot) begins at sundown on Tuesday, October 3. We've chosen a different place to celebrate the Feast this year. It's in the tall pines, near Show Low, Arizona. Many of us are quite excited about "trying out" this new facility. Click here to get all the details about our Sukkot 2017 plans.

It's never too early to start planning for this "Appointed Time." Check here often as we work out the details. Also, check out this great promo that Mark put together for our event.

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Weekly Torah Schedule

We are currently studying the Torah on a three year cycle which allows us more time to delve deeper into His Word. Below is our calendar through early for 2017.

2017TorahProphetsBrit Hadashah
Jul 1Leviticus 18:1-30Ezekiel 22:20-311 Corinthians 5:1 - 6:10
Jul 8Leviticus 19:1 - 20:27Isaiah 4:2-6;
Amos 9:7-17
Matthew 18:1-35
Jul 15Leviticus 21:1-24Ezekiel 44:1-311 Timothy 3:1-16
Jul 22Leviticus 22:1 - 23:44Isaiah 56:1-121 Corinthians 15:20-23
Jul 23Rosh Chodesh Fifth Month
Jul 29Leviticus 24:1-23Hosea 14:1-9John 7:1-53
Aug 5Leviticus 25:1-38Jeremiah 32:6-27John 10:1-33
Aug 12Leviticus 25:39 - 26:2Ezekiel 12:17-28Galatians 4:1 - 5:1
Aug 19Leviticus 26:3 - 27:34Jeremiah 16:16 - 17:4John 15:1-27
Aug 22Rosh Chodesh Sixth Month
Aug 26Numbers 1:1 - 2:13Hosea 1:10 - 2:11Revelation 7:1-17
Sep 2Numbers 2:14 - 3:13Isaiah 8:18-22Luke 15:1-7
Sep 9Num 3:14 - 4:16Isa 43:8-13Eph 4:11-16
Sep 16Num 4:17-201 Sam 6:10-16Heb 9:24-28
Sep 20Rosh Chodesh Seventh Month & Yom Teruah
Sep 23Num 4:21 - 5:10Judges 13:2-251 Cor 12:12-18
Sep 29Yom Kippur
Sep 30Special Readings for Yom Kippur
Oct 4First Day of Sukkot
Oct 7Special Readings for Sukkot
Oct 11Last Day of Sukkot
Oct 14Num 5:11-31Hos 4:11-19Eph 5:25-33
Oct 20Rosh Chodesh Eighth Month
Oct 21Num 6:1-21Judges 13:2-14Acts 21:17-26
Oct 28Num 6:22 - 7:89Jer 31:21-341 Cor 6:18-20
Nov 4Num 8:1 - 9:21Zech 4:2-14Rom 8:12-17
Nov 11Num 9:22 - 10:36Isa 27:7-13Rev 8:1-6
Nov 18Rosh Chodesh Ninth Month
Nov 18Num 11:1-35Judges 6:1-16Matt 6:25-30
Nov 25Num 12:1-16Isa 59:1-21John 1:17-18
Dec 2Num 13:1-33Josh 2:1-24Eph 6:10-18
Dec 9Num 14:1-45Isa 52:7-10Heb 11:1-3
Dec 12First Day of Hanukkah
Dec 16Num 15:1-41Isa 56:1-8Gal 3:24-29
Dec 18Rosh Chodesh Tenth Month
Dec 24Last Day of Hanukkah
Dec 30Num 16:1-501 Sam 11:1-15Jude 1:10-21

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Weekly Torah Study for Beginners

Jerry Watkins, a member of our Board of Elders, is hosting a class for those who are not as familiar with the Bible and the Torah as they would like to be. It is a discussion-based class where you can feel comfortable asking any questions that you may have. Beginning with Genesis (B'resheet) and working through to Deuteronomy (D'varim), the class moves at a pace comfortable for the group.

Jerry has been teaching the Torah for almost 15 years and has developed a curriculum for small group study. (You can take a look at this curriculum at his website, TorahTogether.com ) He believes strongly that reading and discussing the Torah in an open, small group setting truly changes people's lives. All are welcome to join him.

The class meets at Living Messiah on Tuesday evenings from 7:00 - 8:30 pm.

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Important Links

Below are links to websites that may be of interest to others. Please feel free to suggest additions if you know of websites that you find useful in your study and that you think might be helpful to others.


B'ney Yosef North America

BYNA Home Page B'ney Yosef North America exists to assist the emergence of the reconstituted people of Northern Israel – the House of Ephraim, or Yosef (Joseph), specifically those located on the continent of North America. It is an out-growth of the First Ephraimite / Northern Israel National Congress which was held in Ariel, Israel, on May 25 - 28, 2015. This website is a source of information for those who live in North America and believe that they may be a part of the scattered nation of Israel which is being regathered in these last days. View this website at www.bneyyosefna.com

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Etz B'ney Yosef

Etz Bney Yosef Home Page This website records the plans and events of an international group of people who believe that they are being called by God to assist in the reawakening of the House of Joseph, descendants of the lost tribes of Israel which have been scattered across the earth and lost their identity. To date, two Ephraimite Congresses have been held at which interested people gathered to discuss their heritage and to "get to know their extended family." This is a good starting point for those who are interested in this movement and would like to know more about others who feel that God is regathering His people in these Last Days. View this website at www.etzbneyyosef.com

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Israelite Return

This is the website of Eprhaim and Rimona Frank, an Israeli couple who have dedicated their lives to bringing the message to God's people that He is regathering them in these Last Days. The website contains descriptions of their books (with some available to download) and links to their weekly blogs, as well as other useful information. It is an excellent resource for learning more about our Hebrew roots and about God's plans for the future. View this website at www.israelitereturn.com

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Hebrew 4 Christians

This is an excellent place for those interested in learning the Hebrew language on their own. Much of the material is at a beginning level but there is also plenty of history and background presented on the Hebrew language. There are also many audio files included so that you can hear the language and well as learn to read and write it. A very useful website! View this website at www.hebrew4christians.com

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Torah Together

This site includes a complete set of workbooks designed for use in small group Torah studies. The material is at a beginning to intermediate level and is well-suited to those who have a strong desire to know more about our God through the study of His Torah. It only requires a willing leader and motivated participants to have a life-changing encounter with the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. View this website at www.torahtogether.com

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My Hebrew Bible

This site is designed to enable people to have a stronger relationship with their Creator by intently and methodically studying his image which is the scriptures. With emphasis on the Hebrew, it is based around the annual Torah cycle. You can view this website at www.myhebrewbible.com

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Above All Images

Ralphie and Peribeth Cratty own and operate a small business, Above All Images. They have a selection of products that feature the Living Messiah logo which are available through their website. Also, they are able to produce custom caps, tee shirts, and other things with your own logo or text. (As a gifted and trained graphics artist, Ralphie is also able to generate whatever graphics you might need.) Explore some of their work at their website: www.aboveallimages.org

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News and Notes

The Making of the Challah Bread

Observations on a Spiritual Blessing by Jan Watkins


To me, making Challah Bread is a “get to” and not a “have to”. Sort of like how I feel about studying Torah. It’s a blessing! I don’t claim to be ‘religious’ about baking this bread, but when I submit myself to setting apart Friday to bake this bread, the “fruit of the harvest” is always sweet. Here are some spiritual applications I have gleaned as I minister in my kitchen and to myself at bread-baking time.

  1. Putting together the ingredients:
    This, of course, is the most important part of the bread baking process. If you don’t put ingredients together, you don’t have anything. Likewise so in the Body of Yeshua. The body of Yeshua comes in all different sizes, colors, languages, strengths and weaknesses. But put together we are one (in Hebrew, echad). Beautifully, we work together for one goal, to the Bread of Life, the life of Yeshua as He Himself stated in John 6:35. The word bread is used figuratively and negatively in such expressions as “bread of sorrows” (Ps. 127:2), “bread of tears” (Ps. 80:5), i.e., sorrow and tears are like one’s daily bread, as it forms so great a part of life. The bread of “wickedness” (Prov. 4:17) and bread of “deceit” (Prov. 20:17) denote in like manner that wickedness and deceit are a part of the daily life of some. So, as I put the yeast in the warm water, the leaven begins to activate. It prompts the other ingredients to… so to say… “rise to the occasion.” But too much leaven makes the dough perverted and the bread has no consistency. So similar with us… with the proper measurement of the leaven, all the ingredients rise together in harmony and good taste. Galatians 5:9 speaks of another kind of leaven… “A little leaven, (a slight inclination to error, or a few false teachers), leavens the whole lump (it perverts the whole conception of faith or misleads the whole church).” So leaven can be good or bad, depending on the teaching. The dough is comprised of dry ingredients and wet ingredients. We can be creative and see this as Ephraim and Judah coming together to make one. Now, once you have all the required ingredients in one large bowl, the next process is …

  2. Kneading:
    Kneading does many things: (1) it participates in the activation of the yeast. The mere act of kneading distributes the yeast in all the parts of the dough. (2) I also think of kneading in another direction. Just this morning as I was kneading my bread, I found myself asking the Lord to massage my heart as I massaged that dough. I asked Him to squeeze out any wrong thoughts or actions that make me weak in spirit. I asked Him to massage in the Spirit of reconciliation, so I’d be prosperous in that area. If there was a stone in my heart, I asked Him to remove it so I would have a heart of flesh. I briefly thought of a surgeon massaging a heart that stopped, to bring back a heartbeat. Kneading the bread activates the yeast, the Lord kneading our hearts activates us to a higher calling.

  3. Resting:
    When the dough has been kneaded and it is smooth and soft, it is time to Rise and Shine. But for any of us, to Rise and Shine takes Time. Resting … resting in Him. Isn’t this what our Sabbath rest is all about? Resting in Him. If we labor and are on the go all the time, our bodies don’t have time to rejuvenate, so we are called to rest. Hebrews 4:10 says, “For he who has once entered God’s rest also has ceased from the weariness and pain of human labors, just as God rested from those labors peculiarly His own.” Another way to look at this is waiting. I’ve often felt like I’ve been put on a shelf for a season of time. Waiting in God’s waiting room is never, for me, pleasant. I like to make plans and go with them, not cogitate and linger with any decision. That’s why God gave me Jerry, the perfect balance to my whims. Zephaniah 3:8 in part, encourages us with, “Therefore earnestly wait for Me, says the Lord, waiting for the day when I rise up to the attack. For it is My decision and determination and right, to gather the nations together, to assemble the kingdoms …" All that we work for here is not to be dealt with quickly, but in God’s orderly way, that the best possible means to the end will happen.

  4. Forming the Braids:

    braiding After the dough multiplies itself by a factor of two, which is a huge lump of dough, it is punched down to let all the air out, given a light kneading to put it all back together again and finally divided to make the loaves. Division can be good, and it can be bad. If division is created to make new parts of something good, and done with all parts in agreement, this is the correct way. The dough is divided and weighed. One strand should not be heavier or lighter than the other, they should be of equal weight and strength. If a section is divided and it is small and underweight, when the heat comes it will burn quicker and be of no value to the rest of the braid. So weigh out the portions so all are equal. Then we roll out the portions to be long cords. The length and breadth of our own lives matter to God. Three long cords are placed together, and then are woven in a braid. The number three is important. Eccleasiates 4:12 says, “And though a man might prevail against him who is alone, two will withstand him. A threefold cord is not quickly broken.” Another way to interpret the three is found in I John 5:8, “So there are three witnesses in heaven: the Father, the Word and the Holy Spirit, and these three are One (Echad); and there are three witnesses on the earth: the Spirit, the water, and the blood; and these three agree and are in unison; their testimony coincides.” Now we have the bread formed, but it has had the air knocked out of it. It must rise again a second time, but this time is not as lengthy as the first rise, for it has been dealt with effectively already, and it’s learned it’s lesson, so to say.

  5. Egg Wash and Seeds:
    Working softly on the bread dough before baking is done delicately, as you don’t want the dough to think it’s punched down again. So, lightly with a pastry brush, an egg wash (egg yolk with dash of water) is brushed on the braided dough, which will do two things. This will give a golden glow to the bread as it bakes, and acts as glue for the sesame and poppy seeds that are placed on top before baking. The sesame and poppy seeds represent something positive to me: they are two distinct colors … yet work together to finish a project. The seeds are also too many to number. Only the Father knows the exact number of hairs on our head, and only a nut would try to imitate God knowing the exact number of seeds on a Challah bread crust. Just sprinkle liberally and remember our forefathers who walked with Moses, and those who walked and triumphed proudly with Yeshua during His life on earth, and for the many who gave their lives for freedom in the Gospel of Yeshua.

  6. Baking:
    When we are baked, we want to be burnished as pure gold… the furnace of affliction takes care of that. So we also want our bread to go through the furnace in the baking process and come out with a golden crust. The baking is timed so it doesn’t come out raw, or overbaked. The outside crust should be thumped to check its doneness, and the bottom of the bread should be lightly brown and soft. If the bread is baked too long, the crust becomes brittle and the seeds lose their taste. Our lives are also timed … if we become too crusty and our walk has lost its taste, we are useless on God’s platter.

braidingListen to the voice of the Lord … (a) be patient under trials; (b) work diligently with the body of Yeshua to bring about one single goal; (c) rest in Him that He might regenerate us to be effective witnesses; (d) allow the Father to mold us in His fashion, to massage our hearts to His beat, not ours and (e) work in unity and harmony with the body of believers. We all know this scripture by heart: “We are assured and know that God being a partner in our labor, all things work together and are fitting into a plan for good to and for those who love God and are called according to His design and purpose.” Romans 8:28


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