We will be celebrating Sukkot this year from sundown  Tuesday, October 3, through sundown Saturday, October 11, at Wilderness Ranch near Show Low, AZ. (Their website has just been put online but is still under construction. Go to www.wildernessranch.org to have a look. Also, here is an informative video showing the Wilderness Ranch facilities.) Here are directions to Wilderness Ranch or Google Map .


The facility has many different camping arrangements. There are several fully equipped RV sites as well as numerous tent camping sites. There are various cabins and "bunk houses" available to suit both families and singles. The cost to camp is minimal. The rates are $12.50 per night for the RV or tent camp sites, regardless of how many people are in the group. The individual cabins and bunkhouses are $12.50 per night per person.


Because the facility has a good-sized commercial-grade kitchen, we are able to offer meals for those in our group who wish to partake. Our own Chris Lengyel. will be managing the kitchen and meal preparation and will need a good supply of helpers for preparation and clean-up - you will be asked to participate. We plan to offer 2 prepared meals each day: breakfast and dinner and we will have a make-your-own sandwich bar for lunch. (A detailed menu plan will be coming soon.) This cost $12 per day for adults while kids from 6-12 will be $6 per day. (Children under 6 are free.) Of course, if you would like to supply all of your own food, that's fine. And for those who can't make up their mind, we will offer one prepared meal per day for half price ($6 per day for adults, $3 per day for kids 6-12). We will try to accommodate those who have dietary restrictions if we know before Sukkot - see Chris to arrange this.

Registration and Payment

We will offer 3 methods of registration this year.
1 The first is manual. Go to the 2017 Sukkot Registration form and print off the form. Fill it out to see what the total cost will be for you (and your family). You can then bring in the form and get with Jerry, Ralphie, or Peribeth. They will fill out the bottom portion of the form with you and you can pay your registration fee ($25). This will be deducted from your total. You have any time between when you register and September 23 to finish paying your total amount. (You can make periodic payments and we will keep track of these for you - Kind of like "Sukkot Lay-away".

2 The second method is manual with snail-mail . You fill out your registration form and mail it in with your deposit. You must also pay the remaining amount before September 23

3 ToDo The third method is on-line. You can go to the on-line Registration and fill it out. You can use the Donate button to make your payment. PLEASE make sure and indicate on the PayPal form that the donation is for "SUKKOT".

PLEASE NOTE: In all cases, your total amount must be paid by September 23 .

Please see any of the leadership team if you have any questions about the facility, the food, or registration.

Other Information