Tuesday Torah Study

Weekly Torah Study for Beginners

Jerry Watkins Jerry Watkins, a member of our Beit Din, is hosting a class for those who are not as familiar with the Bible and the Torah as they would like to be. It is a discussion-based class where you can feel comfortable asking any questions that you may have. Beginning with Genesis (B'resheet) and working through to Deuteronomy (D'varim), the class moves at a pace comfortable for the group.

Jerry has been teaching the Torah for almost 15 years and has developed a curriculum for small group study. (You can take a look at this curriculum at his website, TorahTogether.com ) He believes strongly that reading and discussing the Torah in an open, small group setting truly changes people's lives. All are welcome to join him.

 Tuesday Nights

  • 7:00 - 8:30 pm at Living Messiah
  • Meets every Tuesday evening
  • Study through interactive dialog and discussion.
  • Student Workbooks are available for the class at a cost of $10 each.
  •  Contact jerry@livingmessiah.com for more information


The classes are recorded on YouTube where you can watch it live or watch previous shows. Click HERE