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Windmill Ranch Introduction

For the past several years Living Messiah has been looking for land for community development. We've called this project our Land Vision see Intial Vision (PDF) . We are happy to announce this vision is a reality and we are now in the initial development phase!

On October 5th 2020 we paid in full for a 40 acre ranch just South of Bisbee Arizona It has 2 wells. One is working and is driven by an electric motor and the second is driven by a windmill, but it is not working because it needs new leathers. The property has two trailers in the South West corner that sit on a hill along. The property is off-grid and uses a solar system and wind generators. It also has two propane tanks and a septic tank. Our desire is to build a Hebrew roots community that is self-reliant and also good stewards of the land by leveraging good permaculture design.

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ToDo: Write more about

  • Emphasize the need for people to live Off Grid and lead a self sufficient life style
  • The life style is oriented to be community focused
  • Land Stewardship
  • PDF Map reference

Faith Life Windmill Ranch

Faith Life Windmill Ranch

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